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.: April 6, 2019 Results :.

What a Opening Night of racing at Rockfish Speedway on Saturday under the light. We would like to thank all of the drivers, crews, and fans for your support! Congratulations to the winners in each class below is top five from each class of features:

Jr Sprints
1. Grayson Diersen
2. Hunter Matthews
3. Sawyer Davis
4. Alanna Bloniasz
5. Hanna Inman

270 Micro Sprints
1. Andy Yocco
2. Matt Thompson

1. Eddie Daniels Jr.
2. Will Ridenhour
3. Daniel Ridenhour
4. Josh Sanoske
5. Levi Brown

1. Stephen Ford
2. Steven Dunn
3. Mason Ford
4. Colton Beasley
5. Joe Riffle

600 Micro Sprints
1. Matt Jones
2. Tim Nye
3. Rick Goss
4. Sean Brierley
5. Jason Brown
Look forward to seeing everyone on April 27th!